Critical Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Louisiana

It is difficult to think rationally after being involved in a car accident in Louisiana due to the adrenaline rush. However, it is important to act rightly from the legal point of view, especially if you are not the at-fault driver in the accident.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on your legal options. Your actions in the aftermath of an accident can help strengthen your case. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on what to do if you’re involved in a crash.

Access the Situation

The first thing to do is assess the situation and act accordingly. If you are seriously injured, ask for medical help. If not, try to help others in need if possible.

However, make sure you don’t overlook your injuries. Some of the injuries like brain damage, neck sprains take time to show up. Nonetheless, always ask for a medical check-up if you are involved in a car accident in Louisiana.

Don’t try to move out of the car unless necessary. Try to move your car in a safer position, if possible. Also, switch on the hazard lights of your car when parked. Now, call for the emergency line in Louisiana, call your relatives, and wait in the car till the police officials and emergency services arrive.

Don’t Admit Fault

You should never admit fault for the accident. Don’t use words like “I am sorry” when the police officer is questioning you. Apologizing for your mistakes will be considered admitting you were at fault for the car accident in Louisiana and things can become troublesome for you.

Louisiana also follows the comparative negligence law if the evidence proves them both the parties were partially at fault for the car accident.

How is the compensation amount determined in such a case? According to comparative negligence law, the percentage of negligence is determined. The party with more fault percentage is required to compensate the other party in the required proportion. For instance, in an 80% and 20% fault in an accident, the party with 20% at fault will receive 80% of the damages covered by the other party.

Seek Medical Help

After the police interrogation, don’t forget to get your medical health check-up done either at the scene of an accident or later.

If the damage and injuries resulting from the accident are worth more than $500, the Louisiana police officials must present at the scene of the accident and prepare the report. This report also mentions the report of your medical check-up. No record of injuries may reduce your chances of getting compensated with the right amount.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are seriously injured or lost someone in a car accident, fighting for your rights and getting compensated is advisable. You should contact a car accident lawyer right away. Choosing the right lawyer is essential at this point. Someone who is specialized in the field would be able to gather the proper evidence and fight for your rights justly.

Our Louisiana injury lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of car accidents. Call us today for a free consultation.

Collecting Evidence

Will I have to provide the evidence to the car accident lawyer? It is not mandatory. However, collecting evidence firsthand at the time of a car accident works as the best evidence.

Usually, by the time you hire an attorney, there would be less to no concrete evidence left at the accident scene. The lawyer is only left to make a stronghold on the case with the help of a police report.

The police report in Louisiana includes detailed information of the parties involved in the accident, the witness statements, and the statements of the parties involved in the accident.

If possible, as a person involved in an accident, you can document the accident by clicking photos of the accident scene, taking videos, or asking someone else to do it for you. Also, getting video footage of the accident is helpful (provided there was a CCTV installed somewhere near the accident scene).

Dealing With Insurance

What if your car was insured or not insured? In case your car was insured, the insurance company will compensate for the car damages. Moreover, they would also get you compensated by the other driver’s insurance company (if the vehicle of the at-fault driver was insured).

If your car is insured, you should inform your insurance company about the car accident as soon as possible. Any delay in the same will allow your insurance company to reduce the claim amount per se.

Should You Inform The Insurance Company of the At-Fault Driver as Well? 

No, informing the insurance company of another driver will be detrimental for your case if you have no prior experience dealing with the insurance adjusters.

If you have any questions and are not sure what all steps to take after a car accident in Louisiana, contact our expert attorneys today.