Benefits of Hiring a Baton Rouge Workers Comp Lawyer

Many injured workers do not get the workers comp benefits they deserve for a single reason: they filed and negotiated their claim without a Baton Rouge workers comp lawyer. Unfortunately, many people still believe that it is a simple and straightforward process or that their employer will advocate for them to get benefits.

The reality is that the single ally you have is an experienced attorney. Here are just a few benefits of retaining legal representation.

1. All Paperwork Will Be Filed on Time and Correctly

Two of the main reasons for denied workers comp claims are clerical errors and missed deadlines. With a lawyer representing you, there is no danger of this thing happening in your case.

Your lawyer will assist you in filling in the First Report of Injury and any other documents that the workers comp insurance company may require. Also, the attorney will make sure that the documents are submitted on time.

2. Fair Representation during the Process

A workers compensation claim is quite similar to a fight for compensation rights. You will be faced with an experienced insurance adjuster who will try to cast doubt on every element of your case:

  • That you were on the clock when the accident happened
  • That you did not, in fact, experience symptoms of an older injury
  • That you are exaggerating your injuries
  • That you are not able to return to work due to pain and physical limitations

An equally experienced lawyer representing you knows how to disprove these claims with evidence, such as:

  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Medical records
  • Expert witness testimonies

You owe it to yourself to have fair representation, of the same caliber as the defense the insurance company will put up.

3. Access to Supplementary Resources and Evidence

We have already mentioned expert witnesses. A Baton Rouge workers compensation attorney knows how to find the right type of witnesses, with the required qualifications. Over the years, lawyers have developed a network of resources they can rely on to win their clients’ cases.

a lawyer knows how to investigate your workplace accident

Moreover, as licensed professionals, attorneys have access to evidence that a regular person may not obtain, such as CCTV camera footage of records of prior OSHA violations at your workplace.

4. Larger Compensation Amounts

People with lawyers almost always get higher compensation amounts compared to those representing themselves. This is not just a saying, but supported by evidence. More precisely, a report prepared by an analytics company found the following average workers comp benefits amounts:

  • $15,936 obtained by workers without attorneys
  • $77,807 obtained by workers with attorneys.

The difference is nearly five times larger in favor of injured workers with legal representation. Even after paying the contingency fee, the workers who hired a lawyer still walked away with more money than someone who decided to fight their battle alone.

5. Peace of Mind

This benefit is impossible to quantify. Imagine being injured and in pain, going to various medical treatments. You must also worry about meetings with the insurance adjusters, the decisions made behind closed doors, and the possibility that your claim will be denied. The stress in itself will prolong the time you need to heal and return to your everyday life.

However, you will not experience this level of stress if you know that a skilled lawyer is working on your behalf. The attorney will handle negotiations and you can focus on getting better and making a full recovery.

Schedule a Free Case Review with an Experienced Baton Rouge Workers Comp Lawyer!

If you were injured at work, you have the right to file a claim and get benefits. However, you are not likely to get your fair amount in medical care costs and replacement wages without an experienced Baton Rouge workers comp lawyer.

Combining knowledge of the law with extensive experience, an attorney at our firm will make sure that your claim is solid and will be approved for a fair amount.

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