Understanding Louisiana Motorcycle Laws

Understanding and following Louisiana motorcycle laws is crucial to your safety and the safety of others on the road. These laws are put in place to minimize risks and ensure motorcyclists and other motorists can share the road responsibly.

By knowing and obeying regulations regarding handlebars, footrests, eye protection and license plates, you reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Below, a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer explains what our state’s laws provide and how these requirements provide essential safety features and proper identification of your motorcycle.

Laws on Riding With Children

You’ll want your little ones along for the ride, but Louisiana law says children under 5 years old must use a proper safety seat – no exceptions. Once they’re old enough to ditch the car seat, your kids still need a helmet to hop on the back of your bike. Look for headgear specifically designed for little thrill-seekers to keep them safe while you cruise.

Make sure any child riding with you is securely seated, holding onto you or the sissy bar at all times. Their safety depends on it, especially when stopped at red lights or making turns. Keep your speed in check and avoid any risky riding with a child in tow.

Laws on Motorcycle Seats

As a motorcycle rider in Louisiana, you must follow some important laws regarding seating. You can only have passengers if your bike was designed for two. That means only riding tandem on a motorcycle outfitted with seating and footrests for a passenger.

Children are not allowed on motorcycles at all unless in a securely fastened sidecar. Sit properly and safely. You must sit astride the permanent and regular seat, keeping both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the footrests.

Motorcycle Helmet Law

As a motorcycle rider in Louisiana, you’ll want to be familiar with the state’s helmet law. Louisiana requires all motorcyclists and any passengers to wear a helmet that meets the Department of Transportation’s safety standards.

Your helmet must have padding, a chin strap, and a visor for eye protection. The helmet law applies no matter how long or short your ride is, so make sure you and any riders with you wear a proper helmet for every trip.

motorcyclists must obey traffic laws

Required Handlebars and Footrests

Your handlebars must be even with or below shoulder height when seated for control and safety. Higher handlebars reduce stability and make turning difficult. Following the regulations helps ensure you stay safe on the road.

Any passengers riding behind you need proper footrests to rest their feet. Louisiana law requires footrests for each passenger to prevent dangling feet that could lead to injury. The only exception is if the passenger is in an enclosed sidecar or cab.

Required Eye Protection

When you hop on your bike in Louisiana, state law says you’ve got to shield your eyes. Safety glasses, goggles or a helmet visor must be worn at all times while riding to properly protect your vision. The only exception is if your motorcycle has a windshield tall enough to guard your eyes from wind, debris and insects.

Eye protection is mandatory for good reason – without it, a speck of dust or bug could cause a loss of control or an accident.

Louisiana Motorcycle Laws on License Plates

When buying a motorcycle in Louisiana, you’ll need to register it and obtain a license plate within 20 days. You have two plate options: a standard plate or a speciality plate. Standard plates are initially $50 and $25 annually for renewal.

Speciality plates, like military or college plates, have additional fees but the same renewal cost. Your plate will have a unique plate number and the first letter of your last name. Plates stay with the owner, not the vehicle, so if you sell your motorcycle, the plate goes to the new owner.

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