What is at the Root of Aggressive Driving?

What is at the Root of Aggressive Driving?

You may have heard some people refer to themselves as a “Type A” driver. These are people who get easily frustrated with other drivers. They hate people who drive too slow or too fast. They don’t like to let anyone in during busy traffic. And, they tend to push the limits when it comes to road safety.

You’ve also probably seen stories on the news about people with road rage. These are people who seem to lose it while in traffic. Or, if someone cuts them off, rather than beep their horn, they follow the other driver so they can assault them.

One thing both of these types of people – those with road rage and Type A drivers – have in common is aggression. They don’t feel relaxed when they drive. They look at driving as a chore. They can’t stand it when people interfere with their agenda. They tend to ignore most of the traffic laws. They just want to get where they’re going and they don’t care who they may offend in the process.

The problem is, aggressive driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Car accident lawyers in Louisiana know this. They represent clients all the time who are injured by aggressive drivers.

Why Do People Drive So Aggressively?

Most people who drive aggressively aren’t bad people. They go to work every day and take care of their families. They may be the nicest people if you meet them. However, when they get behind the wheel, patience goes out the window.

People drive aggressively for different reasons. Some of these include:

  • They’re running late and drive faster so they can get to their destination.
  • They are frustrated and take it out on other drivers.
  • They like to drive fast.
  • They have no regard for other people.
  • They’re high or drunk and don’t realize how fast they’re driving.
  • They are impatient generally and can’t stand to be stuck behind slow drivers.
  • They are angry or having a bad day.

If you’ve ever been in a bad mood and have to drive somewhere, you probably drive differently. When we’re in a good mood, we turn the radio up and open the windows. Driving doesn’t seem like a chore when we’re having a good day. However, if we’re having a bad day, it’s a whole other story.

Aggressive Driving is a Major Cause of Traffic Accidents

If you ask an aggressive driver if they think they’re more likely to get into a car crash, they’ll probably tell you yes. They understand how risky their behavior is. However, they can’t stop themselves from doing it. One little thing sets them off and they end up driving aggressively.

One problem is that cops rarely pull someone over for aggressive driving. They either don’t see it or don’t realize how serious it is. They tend to focus on drunk drivers, speeders, and people who have bad credentials. This is why so many people who drive aggressively get away with it.

Because the cops don’t focus on aggressive drivers, the people who act this way know they’ll get away with it. They see no reason to change their behavior. What happens is they end up getting into a serious accident and injure or kill innocent victims.

What Kinds of Accidents are Caused by Aggressive Driving?

People who drive aggressively cause all sorts of dangerous accidents. These drivers tend to speed and ignore posted speed limits. They also tend to weave in and out of traffic in an effort to pass slower drivers.

Some of the accidents that are caused by aggressive driving include:

  • Speeding – Aggressive drivers tend to be impatient drivers. This means they speed more often than other drivers. They drive too fast and end up crashing into other cars. The injuries in these accidents are severe because of the speed involved.
  • Head-on collisions – Because aggressive drivers like to pass slower vehicles, they’re more likely to hit someone head-on. When they merge into oncoming traffic to pass other cars, they’re liable to hit someone directly.
  • Reckless driving – Aggressive drivers like to weave in and out of traffic. This can lead to reckless driving accidents. Too much weaving can result in serious traffic fatalities.
  • Rear-end collisions – People who drive aggressively tend to tailgate. They follow the car in front of them too closely in an effort to get them to drive faster. This results in rear-end collisions.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver you need help. Call and speak with an experienced car accident lawyer in Louisiana. They can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. Call today and schedule your free initial consultation.