LSU Fans Donate To Honor Deceased Couple After Car Crash

On September 1st, a couple coming back from the LSU season opener died in a car crash. The accident took place on I-16 and caused a stir among LSU fans. The fanbase is heralded for its unrelenting passion for its team but Tiger fans displayed their spirit in another way recently. The LSU fans came together and made sure to assist the Georgia Southern couple who died in a car accident.


To get things started, LSU fan Micheal Booth from Mandeville decided to set up a GoFundMe account for Danny and Julie Hagan. The GoFundMe account has since gone viral in honor of the couple. Micheal’s reasoning for creating the account was to give back to those that loved the sport as much as him. He believed it was a great way to honor them and give back in a productive manner. Over time, the account took a life of its own and spread throughout the LSU fanbase. The account was designed to assist the couple’s three children who are committed to Georgia Southern. To ensure the right process was initiated, Micheal Booth took the opportunity to reach out to the family’s close friend to set everything up. This included obtaining relevant bank details to direct the donation to. These donations were to help the children in their coming future.


Once everything was set up, the GoFundMe account was approved and launched for LSU fans. As of right now, there have been approximately 875 donations along with several heartwarming messages for the couple and their loved ones. LSU fans were noted as saying the football community is one big family and sometimes these events transcend sports. Others provided support by sending their love and prayers. This response has put LSU fans in a wonderful light showing what it means to be a true fan.


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