Why Hire a Lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you’re dealing with a workers’ comp claim, you’re likely overwhelmed with all the steps you have to take.

Filing for workers’ compensation takes a lot more than filling out the paperwork you’re given by HR. There are claim investigations that have to take place, required doctor’s visits, and an initial settlement offer you will likely receive.

Workers’ compensation can be a tricky situation if multiple scenarios arise. Your claim could be denied, your workplace could treat your case with a lack of care, or you might be offered a proposition you’re not sure if you should take.

In Louisiana, it’s crucial to have a lawyer on standby to help you make the right decision. Here’s when to hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation case.

Scenarios You Could Face

Once you file for workers’ compensation in Louisiana, you will have a small waiting period for your claim to be reviewed by your employer’s insurance company. It’s important that you take note of how your workplace handles your case.

Some injuries that workers face are not immediate, like slips and falls. For instance, if you work around certain chemicals and have developed an illness from exposure over time, your case will be different from an accident like a broken arm, cut, or fall.

If you have experienced a slow-building injury, your employer may try to find a way to frame your case in a way that makes it seem like the injury wasn’t caused by your job. It is also possible that your claim could be denied, or you could be offered a settlement that is much less than what you deserve.

There is a wide range of benefits your employer should offer in your situation. Here is a small preview of what your employer will have to offer:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Death Benefits
  • Temporary and Permanent Total Disability
  • Rehabilitation Benefits

Depending on your situation, you can receive several benefits at once. However, when you file a claim with your HR, you will have to undergo a medical visit to distinguish the validity of your claim and what you should be offered.

You have one year from the start of your injury to file a claim with HR, so it’s important to get started quickly.

When to Hire a Lawyer to Help

Some people wait to hire a lawyer once they discover their employer has denied their claim or are not handling it properly, but did you know you can hire a lawyer before this step?

Lawyers make for great advocates, advice seekers, and negotiators. Your employer might try to lowball you at first to save the company face and money, and your lawyer can help you negotiate a higher settlement, the one you actually deserve.

There are some situations where workers’ comp settlements come back in one big lump sum. This is your employer’s way of giving you a big check with no added benefits. It will look nice at first with a big settlement being offered in your direction, but do not let this blind you with your other needs.

If your employer offers you a lump sum with no other benefits, you need to consider what else you need medically. If you need rehabilitation, ongoing care, or disability benefits, then you will need to refuse the settlement and negotiate for benefits.

A lawyer can help you review the settlement and give you the best advice possible for your scenario. If your claim ends up being denied, then you will have a bigger issue on your hands that should be left to the legal professionals.

When you hire a lawyer for a denied claim, they will take over your case and collect all evidence needed to create a case that is favorable for your situation.

Find Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

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