How Long Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Last?

If injured on the job, you have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. They can be accessed through your employer and the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC). You will receive a portion of your wages until you recover from your injuries. The LWCC has many rules and regulations about paying workers’ comp benefits. Depending on your injury, you can receive benefits indefinitely or for a determined amount of time. It is all dependent on the extent of your injuries and if you are permanently or temporarily disabled.

A workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge can help you understand your right to receive workers’ comp. Your Baton Rouge workers compensation lawyer can provide the information you need to determine how long you will receive benefits.

You can receive workers’ comp benefits indefinitely if you have a temporary total disability because of your injuries. This is according to the LWCC guidelines. These benefits will continue until you have recovered and can return to work. A temporary total disability means that you are unable to work in any capacity for a period of time.

Some benefits provide supplemental support earnings because of a loss of wages due to your injuries. In that case, you will receive workers’ comp for a total of 520 weeks. Supplemental support earnings are provided when you are unable to earn at least 90 percent of your previous wages.

If you have a permanent partial disability, you will receive workers’ compensation benefits for a total of 40 weeks. You may also receive temporary total disability benefits and supplemental support earnings. This depends on the extent and severity of your injuries.

Permanent partial disability benefits cover scarring, hearing loss, vision loss, loss of limb or another catastrophic injury.

Do I Need a Baton Rouge Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

When you are dealing with workers’ compensation in Baton Rouge, LA, you need the help of a workers’ comp lawyer. They can help you file your workers’ comp claim and ensure you receive full benefits for your injuries.

Receiving the benefits you deserve from the LWCC is a complex process. Your workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge can help you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Allow your Baton Rouge workers compensation lawyer to assist you with receiving full worker’s compensation benefits.

How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Baton Rouge Help?

Having a workers’ comp attorney in Baton Rouge on your side can make the filing process easier. They will ensure all guidelines are followed so there are no delays in receiving your benefits from the LWCC. Your workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge can help you understand your rights when filing a workers’ comp claim. They will make sure you receive compensation without unexpected delays.

Your workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge knows you are counting on your workers’ compensation benefits. They know you want to continue to provide for your family during your recovery. Your medical bills are stacking up, and you need compensation to help pay these costs.

Do not wait to speak to a workers’ comp lawyer in Baton Rouge about your workers’ comp benefits. They know the laws for workers’ comp in Baton Rouge, LA. They can help you understand what type of benefits you qualify for in your case.

When you work with a workers’ comp attorney in Baton Rouge, you will have full support during the claims process. They will represent you during an appeal. They can help ensure you get the maximum benefits for the longest duration possible for your injuries.

Do not take the chance of losing your workers’ comp benefits. Let your workers’ comp attorney in Baton Rouge help you file for the compensation you deserve. They will help you determine if you have a workers’ comp claim. That will help you to recover from your injuries without financial worry. They will work for you and get you the workers’ comp benefits owed to you.

Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Baton Rouge

When injured in a workplace accident, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits. A Baton Rouge workers compensation lawyer can help you with the filing process. They can work to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve. Contact the workers’ comp lawyers at Stephen Babcock Personal Injury Law Firm to help you with your injury case. They will fight for your right to worker’s compensation benefits. They will get you the maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us today to set up a consultation.