Ways to Scare an Insurance Adjuster for Your Car Accident Claim

Many injured people are not keen to talk to a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer because an insurance adjuster already scared them into believing that they don’t have a valid claim. This intimidating behavior is unacceptable, but if an adjuster believes they can get away with it, they will continue acting like this.

Now it’s time to turn the tables against them. Here are some ways in which you can scare an insurance adjuster and get them to settle your car accident claim for a fair amount. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Know Your Rights

One of the first things an adjuster will tell you is that you also contributed to your accident, so you don’t have a case. In reality, the state of Louisiana uses a pure comparative negligence principle in all personal injury cases.

This means that even if you were partly at fault, you still have the right to file a claim and recover damages – albeit reduced by your percentage of fault. Thus, you can confidently tell the adjuster that the law is on your side and you know your rights.

Remember the Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

Some adjusters will try a different approach with accident victims. They appear friendly and helpful. They want to chat with you about your accident, offer compassionate words about your injuries and pain, and skillfully guide you into making self-incriminatory statements.

Also, they will casually ask you to sign a blank medical release form, giving the adjuster access to all your medical records. The adjuster will then try to latch onto every old injury or illness in your past to claim that you are just seeking compensation for ongoing medical care, not for accident injuries.

Refuse the Adjuster’s Initial Offer

In many cases, especially when you are likely to need extensive medical care for severe injuries, an adjuster will offer you a quick settlement. Any Baton Rouge car accident attorney can tell you that this amount will cover only a small portion of your actual damages.

However, if you accept the deal and sign a settlement offer, any further legal options to recover the rest of the damages are forever closed. These settlement forms contain a clear waiver, stating that you cannot pursue the claim any further.

Always talk to a lawyer before signing a settlement agreement.

car accident settlement

Wait Until You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement Before Accepting a Settlement

Even your lawyer will recommend you to be patient when it comes to evaluating damages and including them in the letter of demand. While some car accident injuries will heal quickly and completely, others may lead to:

  • A permanent disability or impairment.
  • Being unable to work or switching to a lower-paying job.
  • Needing assistive devices, such as a walker or a wheelchair.
  • The need for long-term nursing care.

The lawyer will know this only when your doctors declare that you reached maximum medical improvement. This is the moment when any further treatments are pointless because they are not likely to improve your condition.

However, this moment may be months after your accident. Thus, it is important to trust your lawyer and not get impatient about settling your claim.

The Best Way to Scare an Insurance Adjuster: Hire a Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer!

All the advice so far is useful for protecting yourself against getting taken advantage of by insurance adjusters. But the only effective way to scare them into giving you a fair settlement amount is to have a lawyer by your side.

Adjusters know that an experienced attorney has all the necessary evidence, knowledge of the law, and negotiating skills to win your case even in court. They will try to put up a fight – because their employer demands it – but they will finally agree to settle the claim for a satisfactory amount.

So don’t wait any longer under the pressure put by an insurance adjuster. Call an experienced Baton Rouge car accident lawyer today at 888-407-0911. We offer a free case review to each new client, so you have nothing!