What Are Some of the Mistakes I Should Avoid After an Uber Accident?

Uber and other rideshare services have become a part of everyday life in Baton Rouge. They’re the perfect solution for people who don’t have cars or those who are too tired or intoxicated to drive. Uber is marketed as a safer alternative. However, Uber drivers are no different from other motorists. They may even be more prone to accidents. Some rush to complete a journey so they can pick up another passenger. Others have a full-time job and when they pick up passengers at night, they’re too tired to focus. Then, of course, they may be distracted, intoxicated or simply reckless. Whether you’re an Uber passenger, a pedestrian or a motorist, you may get involved in an Uber accident. Unless the accident was completely your fault, you deserve to recover your losses.

How to Avoid Jeopardizing Your Case

If you get injured, you need to protect your health and your right to compensation. While a Baton Rouge car collision attorney can help you to get the damages you deserve, you also have a role to play. Let’s look at some of the mistakes you need to avoid.

Neglecting to Report the Accident to the Police

Call the police as soon as possible after the accident. You need an officer to come to the scene and document the crash. While you may not be able to use their report in a civil lawsuit, it’ll be helpful as you seek compensation. The report will include things like weather conditions, the names of witnesses and maybe even a diagram of the accident scene. Your attorney can use information in the report to do their own investigations. You also need to report the accident to Uber since you may need to draw on their insurance policy. Whether Uber will accept liability depends on the circumstances.

Not Documenting the Accident Scene

You will need all the proof you can get against the at-fault party. Sometimes drivers accept liability from the start but very often, they try to downplay their role in the crash. If the driver, their insurer or Uber’s insurer disputes your account of the accident, you’ll need to support your claim. Your memory of the accident won’t be enough. Photos of the Uber vehicle, the damage it caused, and any visible injuries you suffered will go a long way. Try to take photos from different angles and distances since the images may capture something important.

Try to get contact information for any eyewitnesses so your car accident attorney in Baton Rouge can talk to them later. Make an effort to write down the events as soon as you can since your memory will fade over time. If you don’t do this leg work, your attorney will have a harder time gathering information. If you’re too hurt to do anything, get someone to contact a lawyer for you as soon as possible.

Putting Off Seeing the Doctor

Like all insurance companies, Uber’s insurance provider will look for any reason not to pay you. When you neglect to seek medical attention immediately, you may convey the impression that you weren’t seriously injured. Going to the doctor right away allows for timely diagnosis and it also helps to prove that you deserve compensation. A mild headache may indicate a serious head injury and you could have internal injuries without realizing it. If you don’t seek immediate help, you won’t be able to prove you sustained injuries in the Uber crash.

Not Keeping Records of Your Expenses and Losses

In addition to providing proof of your injuries, you’ll also have to show proof of other expenses and losses. Hang on to receipts, medical reports, and evidence of lost wages, among other documents. This may be a lot of paperwork but if you want to recover damages, you’ll need all of it. Both your attorney and the insurance company need to be able to quantify your losses.

Taking Too Long to Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

Some accident victims wait until their claim gets denied to call a lawyer. This is not recommended, especially if you were involved in an Uber accident. These cases can get complicated so it’s best to have legal representation from the start. This improves your chances of getting compensation.

Call a Louisiana Uber Accident Attorney Today

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